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Spiritual Travelling

Retreat from the daily demands of everyday living; take a spiritual retreat to receive spiritual renewal. The stillness of ancient places of worship, the serene settings of Egypt and the calm of a few restful days are the hallmarks of a vacation that allows you to open your mind to thoughts that rarely see the light of day.

Visit mosques after prayer time when the mosques are near empty to marvel at old architecture and take in some spiritual silence away from hectic streets. Visit ancient sites of pilgrimage such as the Al Azhar Islamic complex to see the beating heart of Islamic education. Spend time in quiet contemplation, unhurried sightseeing and serenity.

Visit Coptic churches, cathedrals and monasteries to discover another side of Egypt. Attend mass to witness the timeless Coptic liturgy. Go on a pilgrimage to St. Catherine’s Monastery to appreciate the origins of monasticism. Hike Mount Sinai, the biblical location where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Spend time absorbed in prayer, mass and silence.

Reach a serene state of mine, retreat to Egypt.

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Catholic Egypt

Catholic Egypt

The Coptic Catholic Church is an Alexandrian Rite particular Church in full communion with the Pope of Rome (it is thus part of the larger worldwide Roman Catholic Church) - more »

Coptic Egypt

Coptic Egypt

The Coptic Church traces its spiritual history back to St. Mark, the traditional author of the Gospel of Mark, and considers him to be the founding father of the Coptic Orthodox Church. - more »

Islamic Tour

Islamic Tour

Islam in Egypt flourished during the early dynastic periods such as the Fatimid and the Ayyubid dynasties and established Egypt as a major cultural, political and social power in the Islamic world. In 1250 AD

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