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Our Team

Nascotours highly invests in the personal development of its employees as a contributing factor to successful career paths. Nascotours team is well educated and continually trained to become competent and efficient.

Career opportunities are also provided to young energetic people with fresh and creative ideas that are currently entering the market.

All this is supported and encouraged by the strong corporate values that aim to support the employees and the company as a whole.


Ms                       mr                     mr

Miss. Machi Gavalas                              Mr. Magdy Shakhloul                              Mr. Ashraf Shakhloul

Vice president                                       Managing Partner                                  Transportation Manager                                    

Email: mgavalas@nascotours.com         Email: m.shakhloul@nascotours.com        Email: ashraf@nascotours.com       

Phone: +20 100 131 0084                     Phone:+20 0106 550 3399                     Phone: +20 1001748787



mrs                     Mr                      Mr

Mrs. Asmaa Khaled                               Mr. Samer Zaki                                       Mr. Adel Ismail

Incoming Manager                                 Aviation Manager                                    CFO

Email: asmaa@nascotours.com              Email: samer@nascotours.com                 Email: cfo@nascotours.com 

Phone: +20 106 554 4967                     Phone: +20 106 882 2516                       Phone: +20 106 882 2513


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Nascotours Feedback Survey

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you are the most important factor for the successful operation of Nascotours. For this reason, your opinion and comments are necessary in helping us improve the standard of our services. We review all comments in order to ensure high-quality and wonderful travel experiences for our customers at all times.
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