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GSA Division

Newly developed NASCOTOURS division aiming to set the highest standards in passenger services.

A dedicated dynamic team with long experience and expertise in the traveling field within all its services serving both travel agents and passengers.

NASCOTOURS through all these years has developed an extensive network of synergy partners within the travel industry based on specific task distribution, loyalty and professionalism.

NASCO GSA Division is supporting the travel industry through regular sales meetings and effective trouble-shooting.

Nascotours has the market leader position, the expertise and the experience to handle demanding passengers and provide services that only few can afford.

NASCO GSA Division is supporting passengers 365-days a year through our branches and phone or email.

Why NASCOTOURS to be your Egypt GSA?

NASCOTOURS have long tradition, reputation and network in major cities.
NASCOTOURS team have strong aviation background and expertise.
NASCOTOURS have strong bonds in the travel industry.
NASCOTOURS have adopted state-of-art technology for daily operations.


Nascotours is a General Sales Agent For :mts

  • Is a global, on-line hotel accommodation wholesale supplier, offering its services exclusively to travel agencies and tour operators.


  • A portfolio of over 98.000 hotels , being located by 42% in Europe, 18% in the US, 17% in Asia and 24% in the rest of the world, which covers any need of any type of traveler, from budget establishments to 5 star hotels and luxury resorts.


  • A worldwide geographical coverage of 6.123 destinations ; a fact which indicates that we offer most, if not all, travel destinations on a global scale.


  • Over 1.6 million hotel accommodation rates to choose from and compare, depending on the type of room and the seasonality within a year.



  • OLYMPIC CRUISESolympic cruises

On our ship there are 3 indoor multipurpose lounges which meet the demands of our passengers, whether the focus on pleasure or fun.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned for a comfortable stay at every season and there can be catered up to 340 people altogether

(180 people indoors and 160 people outdoors). The kitchen is fully-equipped to satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding guest,

offering gastronomic delights inspired by both the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine.

Ship Features:

All our passengers will enjoy our complimentary freshly prepared Mediterranean buffet lunch.

For those who want to steal a few more minutes of sleep before their cruise, an optional Mediterranean breakfast is available on board with panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf, with an extra charge.

During the cruise live music is played by our orchestra, so that our passengers can enjoy the beautiful landscapes along with background music and have fun dancing when the rhythm goes up.

Within our ship there is the latest audiovisual systems installed with large LCD screens on which passengers will watch informative videos.

In the Gift Shop you can find all the necessary items you may have forgotten to bring with you, as well as souvenirs for your beloved ones.


Nascotours is a Passengers Sales Agent For :celestyal

  • Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is a Cyprus-based cruise line that operates cruises from Cyprus, France, Italy, India and Greece (the operations from

Greece . Although Celestial started operating short cruises out of Cyprus in the early 70s, Starting in 1935 from a small Transportation office in

Limassol (Cyprus), Louis Loizou expanded slowly yet steadily into the travel and tourist industry and brought Tourism and the International Tourist

Market to the Eastern Mediterranean

 View Celestyal Cruise Packages

Celestyal Cruises -All Inclusive Packages 2016

Celestyal Cruises -All Inclusive Packages 2016

Athens – Celestyal Cruises announces it will offer All-Inclusive Drink and Shore Excursion packages to all of its markets for the 2016 cruise season. - more »

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