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Contact Info & Locations

Nascotours has steadily and systematically developed its position in the Egyptian travel market over the years, and maintains branch operations today in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Port Said. Each office is an independent and successful business entity and all cooperate in order to achieve best results for our customers.

1. Central Office

63, Nebi Daniel, Alexandria
Tel: +203-4870050
Fax: +203-4847203
Email: - more »

2. Alexandria Office

29, Ghorfa Togaria St., Alexandria
Tel: +203-4840500 - 4841261
Fax: +203-4840248
Email: - more »

3. Cairo Office

171, Mohamed Farid Street, Cairo
Tel: +202-23913081
Fax: +202-23900664
Email: - more »

4. Luxor Office

Jollie Ville Street, Luxor
Tel: +209-52281422
Fax: +209-52281423
Email: - more »

5. Port Said Office

28, Palestine Street, Port Said
Tel: +2066-3329500, 3346825
Fax: +2066-3238850
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